Unofficial List by ExodusCrow
Published on January 11, 2005 By ExodusCrow In OS Customization

After seeing the first annual top skinning awards (The Skinnies), I decided to put together a list of some innovative and well designed DesktopX widgets and objects of 2004. Some things to take into note when you are looking at this list; weather objects and calendars were not included. This is simply because of the large amount of both in the DX libraries.

The following is not in any particular order.

Google Search by _Martin_
3D Battery Meter Widget by paxx
DigiData by _Martin_
FTP'Drop by Custonian
Picture Frame by _Martin_
SkinChanger by Tiggz
Desk Notes by _Martin_
Gadget MP3 Player by BoogieBac
Wireless Signal Strength v2.0 by ExodusCrow
Anything GT3 by Tiggz
RC Car V4 by Tombalaci
Fuzzy Clock by Tiggz
Fuzzy Uptime by WickedP

c242Orion(Cobalt)Info by c242
Realistic Animated Christmas Snowflakes by GreenReaper
CPU & Ram Meter by vukovicnikola

If I have missed some good widgets out there, add a comment with a link to the widget as well as whom it was made by! Hope everybody likes the list.

Some of the widgets I would like to see in 2005:

1. Spell checker widget similar to the way MSWord handles spelling and grammar mistakes with the red underlines.
2. Nice looking animated wallpapers.
3. Widgets that add functionality to MSN or other IM clients.


I do not work for Stardock and I do not like soup.

on Jan 11, 2005
CPU & Ram Meter by vukovicnikola
download still doesn't work =~(
on Jan 12, 2005
I want a widget for GMail
on Jan 12, 2005
Heres hoping to be listed on the 2005 list!!